Is there such a thing as a soul friend

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Oh, to be free like this
This is happiness, to be everything at once
Be unblinded, be unlearned, be unbridled and unburned
This is happiness. I’m fearless and I’m free,
With the open road and the world beneath my feet

(Source: fiascoo)

Vampire diaries is back, omg. Life complete


let it be fall. 🍂


The Valley of the Ten Peaks. Moraine Lake. #ScoutForth folks! Photo by @nathanielatakora



How can they sleep while it’s raining
it’s so much better to stay awake
to the water drops fall on the garden,
on the roof,
on the grass,

and then the wind blows
and they are still not listening
unaware, asleep
not awake

but we need sleep
we need it for when the day can no longer bring…

lift off